Monday, July 27, 2009

Time to Decide Closing in!!!

ESPN's Rachel Nichols is reporting from Hattiesburg, Miss. that after talking with agent Bus Cook, retired quarterback Brett Favre is still waffling on the decision of returning to the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings or staying retired.

Reports of Favre's indecision started at the end of last week from Ed Werder, saying the three-time MVP quarterback was "anguished" with his decision after speaking with Cook.

Favre appeared on "Joe Buck Live" in June and made it clear that his arm injury was the largest barrier between him returning to the NFL.

It now appears from various reports and statements from Favre himself that surgery in which a tendon in his right arm was cut has been a success. Now it seems that he may be questioning whether or not he wants to endure training camp and another NFL season.

The Vikings will report to training camp on Thursday and hold their first practice Friday morning. Favre stated weeks ago that he would make a decision on a return by Thursday.

Unless he changes his mind that is.




Sunday, July 26, 2009


Aaron Rodgers Not Concerned About Brett Favre's Comeback

Favre, 39, had surgery in May to repair a torn biceps tendon. Elway underwent a similar procedure, and said he expects Favre to have much better flexibility. "With his shoulder, if they released that biceps tendon and cut it, his arm is going to feel great,"

Elway, Montana dish advice to Brett Favre about playing one more year

Two of Brett Favre's fellow former MVP quarterbacks suggest that, as long as he's physically able, the still-waffling signal caller should return for another NFL season.

"If he decides not to play now and doesn't come back, I think he'll question that for the rest of his life," former Broncos QB John Elway told the Los Angeles Times.

Added former 49ers and Chiefs QB Joe Montana, "If he's ready to play, then yeah, he should."

Montana pointed out, however, that Favre needs to decide as soon as possible and not leave his potential teammates waiting for an answer.

"But usually when you're waffling like that it makes it difficult on everybody," he told the Times. "If it was the first time he's done it, it would be different. But we've seen it already, and here we go again. I'm sure that's all (the Vikings) are thinking about."